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Me, My Money and I
is a local Utah County accounting firm specializing in bookkeeping, tax services, and payroll. We do bookkeeping and tax preparation for individuals and businesses (LLC, S-Corp, and C-Corp).

We operate throughout Utah County, and are located near Lehi, American Fork, and Saratoga Springs.

Whether you need a little direction or a comprehensive plan, we've got you covered!


We'll handle personal tax preparation, as well as business taxes for any corporate structure: LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, Trust, and 501(c)(3).

We also offer free electronic filing and online tax filing for all 50 States, as well as LLC and corporate consulting, structuring and filing.


We are dedicated to making your life easier by helping you take charge of you paper work. Whether you need just a little direction or step-by-step instruction.


We can help you with all your accounting needs to keep your business (and your life!) running smoothly. 


Why is it better to outsource your payroll service? Errors in the payroll process can cause major issues ranging from monetary losses to a weakened company reputation!

Here are a few risks you don't want to take: incorrect processing, miscalculations, penalties, and lack of security!

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